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Do you want to find out if what you’re paying are reasonable 401k fees to your current 401k provider? Are you unclear regarding the total amount of fees you’re paying your provider? Request a free 401k provider comparison from Storick Group today and find out if you’re paying reasonable 401k fees or excessive.

Many providers only report fees in terms of percentages instead of dollars in their fee disclosures. This can make it unclear of how much you are paying in total. We’ll convert these percentages into total dollars when we complete your fee comparison.

Our fee comparison shows both the direct and indirect compensation you would pay to us and your current provider in total dollars based on common assumptions. Indirect compensation (or revenue sharing) is frequently paid to 401k service providers by mutual fund companies.

It is the Plan sponsor’s fiduciary responsibility to ensure 401k fees are reasonable. Comparing provider fees can help demonstrate due diligence in this respect. To get started, we need only a copy of your current 401k provider’s fee disclosure document. Your provider is obligated to provide this document to you under ERISA Section 408(b)(2). If you don’t have a copy handy, ask your provider for a new copy.

Retirement Plan Quote Provider Comparison

Fees are not the only consideration when choosing a service provider, but they are very important. After you’ve seen how much money you can save with The Storick Group, we invite you to find out more about our quality services.

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reasonable 401k fees