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Built on a simple idea and a belief for business owners. The idea was to make 401k  and pension plans available to plan sponsors and their employees regardless of the size of the company or the amount of assets in the plan. We worked on the idea that bringing dedicated administration professionals together would create a solid and viable firm and a belief that hard work and a strong service orientation would be a catalyst for growth. Today we administer more than 300 qualified retirement plans for all types of entities in various industries.

lower pension plan costOur talents and skills lie in the design and administration of our team. Our team has over 25 years of experience in third party services for groups of all sizes. We understand the everyday issues facing businesses and are familiar with corporate and personal tax planning concepts. The ability to see the “big picture” enables us to design your retirement plan to ensure that it initially meets the organization and employee needs, and that it continues to meet these needs. Meeting these needs, demands that we continue to evolve as new technology is developed, as new qualified retirement plan law is enacted or the old repealed and as the marketplace creates new products and services.

When you make the decision to move forward we work with you and the plan administrator to design a plan that fits the needs of you and your employees and complies with all applicable regulations. We help you choose the eligibility, vesting, and safe harbor provisions that will work best for your company. We look forward to meeting with you and building a future together.

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